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Own the Condo, not the hassle.  Get reliable, professional HOA management.


  • Attend the annual meeting and attend scheduled HOA Board meetings.
  • Assist with the organization of annual meetings.
  • Complete all mass mailings to homeowners.
  • Assist in writing amendments to CC&R’s. 
  • Enforce CC&R compliance. 
  • Keep an accurate record of your meeting minutes. 
  • Make any arrangements for legal action necessary. 
  • Ensure your insurance is up to date. 
  • Complete periodic property inspections. 
  • File liens and proceed with collection action if necessary. 
  • Order monthly payment coupon books for homeowners. 
  • Compliance with bylaws of HOA. 
  • Parking violations issued to resolve issues in a timely manner.


Clear and regular financial reports are essential for the board to properly manage the association assets.  Reports should be detailed enough so the problems can be pinpointed yet simple enough for a layman to understand.  We pride ourselves on our thorough, accurate record keeping.  Our computer system allows us to provide services that would be difficult with a conventional accounting system.

Bookkeeping Services:

We do all the bookkeeping chores for you.  We collect fees, 
and pay bills as needed. We keep accurate files and histories on all owners and vendors.We provide you with detailed monthly statements which itemize all income and expenses each month.  
Structuring a detailed budget is a critical requirement for a successful association. Long-Term Reserves: A roadmap to maintain the community’s assets.


Extend the useful life of common area assets by following a timely maintenance schedule.  Preventative planning distributes the work load, saves money and reduces complaints from homeowners.  Real Property Management provides a custom preventative annual maintenance plan for your HOA.  We also 
provide 24-hour, 7 days a week maintenance to provide your association and owners the professional attention needed.


Real Property Management assists in implementing effective and inexpensive ways to establish community policies.  An effective resolution process identifies significant issues like money collection, pets and parking providing a formal way to administer them.  Resolutions combine both board and owner input.


Real Property Management is a customer service orientated company in Utah specializing in the management of HOA’s, single family homes, and small rental property.

We have a complete staff to solve any problems you may encounter.  Our accountants, association managers and maintenance technicians will work together to accomplish the goals set forth by the HOA.


Real Property Management has more than 22 years in the property management industry.

 Please call us or Click Here if you have any questions about our services. 

There are a lot of options out there, but only Real Property Management has the experience, technology, training, staff and local expertise to truly manage the REALITIES of rental property management and help you get the best return.

Don’t settle for anything less than REAL Property Management  
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